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Alma Redemptoris Mater

Beloved Mother of the Redeemer

by Guillaume Dufay

ca. 1400-1474

Arranged for Brass Trio by Daniel Leavitt

Dufay's compositions were simple settings of chant, obviously designed for liturgical use, likely as substitutes for the unadorned chant, and can be seen as chant harmonizations. Often the harmonization used a technique of parallel writing known as fauxbourdon. This trio arrangement by Dan Leavitt allows for expressiveness of phrasing. Period instruments such as the zinc or cornetto can be used.

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Painting of Dufay and Binchois.

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Sheep may ever graze securely
Where a worthy shepherd wakes.

Where the rulers well are ruling,
May one rest and peace discover
And what nations blissful makes.