If You Leave

An Italian Madrigal " Se Tu Fuggi"

Composed by Don Carlo Gesualdo

Arranged for Brass Quintet by Daniel Leavitt

Set includes

  • Score
  • Trumpet 1 in Bb
  • Trumpet 2 in Bb
  • Horn
  • Trombone
  • Tuba

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Cat. No. BQ266

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Igor Stravinsky , to whom (and to Robert Craft) we owe a large part of the revival of Gesualdos music, once remarked that musical history would have taken a different course, had composers only followed Gesualdo. As we know, however, composers walked other paths, and this, in Gesualdo's modern rebirth, has allowed him to retain his ability to shock and to surprise.

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Don Carlo Gesualdo - Prince of Venosa