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Music for String Quartet

Mascagni brass quintet

Set Includes :


Violin I

Violin II





Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana

Composed by Pietro Macagni

Arranged for Brass Quintet by Daniel Leavitt

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Cat. No. SQ507

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PIETRO MASCAGNI (1863-1945), Italian operatic composer, was born at Leghorn, the son of a baker, and educated for the law; but he neglected his legal studies for music, taking secret lessons at the Instituto Luigi Cherubini, there a symphony by him was performed in 1879, and various other compositions attracted attention, so that money was provided by a wealthy amateur for him to study at the Milan Conservatoire. But Mascagni chafed at the teaching, and soon left Milan to become conductor to a touring operatic company. After a somewhat chequered period he suddenly leapt into fame by the production at Rome in 1890 of his one-act opera Cavalleria Rusticana, containing a tuneful "intermezzo," which became wildly popular. Mascagni was the musical hero of the hour, and Cavalleria Rusticana was performed everywhere.