Toy Symphony - Kinder-Sinfonie

"Cassation" Symphony

String Orchestra with Toys

Origianally scored for Violin, Viola, Continuo and toy instruments, Dan Leavitt has arranged the string parts for full string orhcestra thus allowing everyone in your string orchestra in on the fun. The toy instruments can be played seriously or by amatuers and novices such as the high school principal or some orhestra patrons, for a more light hearted performance.

Who is the composer?

For many years Toy Symphony was believed to be composed by the brother or father of a real famous composer, specifically Leopold Mozart or Michael Haydn. In recent years a manuscript has surfaced suggesting one Edmund Angerer as the composer. Angerer may have merely been the copyist or arranger however leaving the conception of this piece still in disrepute. For more information

Suggested for performance

Even though this piece can be performed in a concert setting with all seriousness. It is suggested that it be used as an opportunity for a lighthearted "audience participation" work. The rattels can be actual baby rattles. The toy trumpet can be a kazoo in the form of a trumpet, etc.

Toy Symphony

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Cat. No. SO422


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